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Common Task Howtos

(This duplicates info in the User's Guide and is presented here as a convenience. Don't add too much here; that's what the user guide is for. Just include the *most* common stuff. Often the easiest way to see how to do something is to simply edit (without saving) a page that does it.)

  • Edit existing page: Display the page you want to edit and click the "edit" tab along the top.

  • Create new page: To create a new page, first create an internal link to that page (see below). Presumably *some* page needs to point at it; if nothing else, put it on your own user page. Once you have a link to it, follow that link by clicking on it. It automatically puts you in the edit page.

  • Internal link: To link to a page inside this Wiki, use double square brackets. Hopefully the page name will be descriptive enough to not need a separate link name, but use a pipe "|" if you want one. E.g.:
Do you like the [[main page]]?  It's where all the [[main page|cool kids go]].

  • External link: To link to a page external to this Wiki, just enter the URL (complete with the "http:"). For example, links to Astronomy Picture of the Day. But punctuation can sometimes interfere with the URL, or sometimes you want the link text to be different than the URL. In those cases, use single square brackets and a space separating the link from the link text. E.g.:
Here's a [ Wikipedia joke].

  • Markup: Words can be big, itallics, or bold. E.g.:
Words can be <big>big</big>, ''itallics'', or '''bold'''.

  • Pre-formatted text: I love this one. There are two ways to enter pre-formatted text: html "pre" tag, and leading spaces. The two forms differ in that "pre" doesn't allow any interpretation of wiki commands, and leading spaces does allow them. For example:
You ''can'' go to the [[Main Page]]

looks like this:

You ''can'' go to the [[Main Page]]

While indention:

    You ''can'' go to the [[Main Page]]

looks like this:

   You can go to the Main Page

Note that with either method, an overly-long line will require horizontal scrolling to view.

  • HTML: Wiki will accept quite a few HTML tags. Here are the most common tags it accepts:
<b> <big> <blockquote> <center> <code> <hr> <i> <ul>
<ol> <li> <small> <strike> <table> <tr> <td> <pre>

For the full list, see

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